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Turn your ideas into income

We’ve designed intuitive tools to help you along each stage of your growth process.

Discover your purpose

Looking for a life GPS? Our platform helps you find your purpose, no matter how many wrong turns you’ve taken. Let GrowthApp be your compass for true success.

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Simple task manager

Our task manager is so simple, even your grandma could use it. It’s the ultimate tool to keep your dream startup life organized—no PhD required.

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Tailor-made growth plans

Don’t just dream, take action. Our AI platform translates your business idea into bite-sized, doable actions that make reaching for the stars as simple as a grocery list.

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Get funding

Money makes the world go round, and we know just the people. Tap into our treasure chest of 70,000+ investors to find your startup’s sugar daddy.

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Over 30 micro courses

Gain access to an ever-growing collection of bite-sized, 10-minute courses to quickly get you up to speed. All content and no filler; perfect for the busy entrepreneur.

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Grow with confidence

Imagine a 24-7 environment dedicated to your startup growth. You can create, improve, launch, and everything else in between and it’s always there to reflect.

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Take advantage of our entrepreneur-focused micro courses

Beside growth plans, progress trackers and task managers, we’ve created highly-relevant courses to get you up to speed so that you can fast-forward your progress. Here are just a few subjects:

Why the GrowthApp platform works

In the beginning, we have more questions than answers. GrowthApp has an answer for that…

For solopreneurs and founders

People forget how hard it is to build something from scratch. It’s like building a machine with many moving parts; one that you don’t have the user’s manual for. This is where GrowthApp comes in!

Focus on what works

Having launched multiple businesses ourselves, we became all too aware of the dangers of “the illusion of choice” and “analysis paralysis”. That is why we engineered a clean, ultra-focused environment for startup growth, because focus and consistency are what you need to succeed; not a huge collection of shiny objects that inevitably complicate things.

Your 24-7 growth coach

A lot happens in between conception to launch. This is why we designed GrowthApp to guide you through every stage in the style of a coach. Just answer a couple of questions about your business and we’ll generate a personalized growth plan for you within minutes. Need a more thorough deep dive? You are sure to learn what you need by exploring our highly relevant micro courses.

Our AI copywriting works on any platform

Turbo-charge your inspiration and content with a wide variety of tools at your finger tips.

We designed our platform out of necessity, because we are entrepreneurs just like you!

Invest in yourself with confidence

GrowthApp is engineered to be an industry-modest investment for an industry-transcending set of tools. Why? Because we want to see you succeed.


Made for ambitious solopreneurs and first time founders.




Ideal for small and scaling teams looking for explosive growth.




Custom set-up for accelerators, startup schools and chambers of commerce.



The most-asked questions from our entrepreneurs

See the most asked questions from our lovable entrepreneurs and move one step closer to achieving your ambitions.

What is GrowthApp?

GrowthApp is a platform for solopreneurs, 9-to-5 professionals and early stage founders pursuing their passions of starting their own business. It helps guide and organize your startup ideas, goals and tasks. Imagine having access to a trusted coach 24-7, guiding you, supporting your journey towards achieving your business and personal ambitions.

Can I demo it and how do I use GrowthApp?

Just type in your idea and answer two questions and we’ll generate a free growth plan with recommendations tailored to your specific business type and market. You’ll get access to our value-packed platform free for 2 weeks. We are confident that those serious about growth will know in less than 24 hours that our platform will help them achieve their ambitions.

Is my idea kept private and secure?

Absolutely. Your business idea and data are private and available only to you. We store your information securely and it remains confidential. That means that only you can read and access your information.

How do I get access to the micro courses?

Our micro courses are self-paced and give you information in quick, easily digestible “packages” so you don’t have to spend hours finding the information online. You get 6 free courses during the trial period and full access to 30+ courses in the low monthly plan.

From idea to launch effortlessly.

See how easy it can be with the right system; see yourself grow with GrowthApp.